Sleepio App Wins Prize

Sleepio App Wins Prize


Kudos to Sleepio! It won the Wired Health competition. Backed by solid science, this web and mobile app customizes cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for people with insomnia.

Watch Dr. Hames, co-founding scientist and recovered insomniac himself, describe how it works, the way it was tested, and the impressive results of the study.


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Insomnia App Sleepio Wins startup Competition at WIRED Health
Published May 6, 2014 | Wired UK

After using a book by sleep expert Colin Espie to successfully treat himself for insomnia, Sleepio cofounder Peter Hames convinced the author to help him create a self-administered CBT app. They then carried out the first ever placebo-controlled randomised trial of such a treatment, which found users falling asleep 50 per cent faster within weeks.


More about Sleepio

Learn more about Sleepio directly on their site. Meet the experts behind the app and take a look at their useful library.


Espie CA; Kyle SD; Williams C; Ong JC; Douglas NJ; Hames P; Brown JSL. A randomized, placebo-controlled trial of online cognitive behavioral therapy for chronic insomnia disorder delivered via an automated media-rich web application. SLEEP 2012;35(6):769-781.

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