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You’re invited to our first live broadcast … how to get the best help – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – Insomnia in the easiest and fastest way. We hope you can attend and participate, however, you can watch the broadcast here afterwards also.

Schedule: Broadcast is on October _, 2016 _____ pm EST

Host: Meredith Cary, PsyD
Guest: Dr ____________


Scheduled Broadcast

Insomnia YouTube Scheduled Hangout On Air here



SHUTi Overview


SHUTi is proven to work

SHUTi has enormous research support. It’s proven to significantly:

  1. Reduce how long it takes to fall asleep
  2. Reduce how much time you’re awake after falling asleep
  3. Reduce how many middle-of-the-nite wake-up’s
  4. INCREASE how long you’re asleep in bed

The below chart, found on the SHUTi ‘Evidence’ page, says that




SHUTi is one of 6 CBT-I-computer based programs that was reviewed and published by Sleep Review in 2014. These programs range from completely free to about $150 per user.

Upcoming Broadcasts

If you’d like Insomnia Live! to cover another topic in the future, please offer your suggestion in the comments below.

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