I am a Clinical Health Psychologist working in the context of a primary care practice, Privia Medical Group, in Rockville, Maryland.

Our physical, emotional, and behavioral health are closely connected. Stress can worsen many physical conditions. Exercise is one of the best treatments for depression. Sleep, pain and sexual problems have both physical and psychological components.

Serious medical conditions can wreak havoc on your emotions and your relationships. To me, patient-centered care means treating you as a WHOLE person.

Stephanie Park

I am a Clinical Psychologist at Rockville Internal Medicine Group (RIMG), a multispecialty medical practice in Potomac, MD.  We offer CBT-I on-site - no need to refer people out to another office.

Attending to your behavioral and mental health needs is an integral part of your overall well-being. I strive to provide a supportive and empathic environment and to work collaboratively with you, whether you are thinking about making a behavior change, coping with a chronic illness, or looking for tools and strategies to manage depression and anxiety.

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