RWJF proposal

We've submitted a Letter of Intent to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's Open Access Grant call for proposals.

Our project aims to accelerate dissemination of research findings - via an open Insomnia Hub - while promoting RWJF’s vision of what we all can do to improve health, well-being, and equity.

Gary Kreps

University Distinguished Professor, Department of Communication, George Mason University
Director, Center for Health and Risk Communication

Gary Kreps' areas of expertise include health communication and promotion, information dissemination, organizational communication, information technology, multicultural relations, risk/crisis management, health informatics, and applied research methods.

Dr. Kreps is an advisor to numerous health communications-related organizations.

Jeffrey E. Herrick

Assistant Professor and Undergraduate Program Director, Department of Rehabilitation Science in the College of Health and Human Services

Dr. Herrick is an exercise physiologist with extensive experience in analyzing biological mechanisms underlying cardiopulmonary responses in a wide range of clinical populations.

He is presently doing research on Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Muscle Fatigue.

Meredith Cary

I am a Clinical Health Psychologist in Dupont Circle, Washington DC and a behavioral sleep specialist associated with the Medstar Georgetown University's Sleep Disorders Center for two decades.

I am also the Lead Curator and founding member of the Insomnia Hub. Collaborating with an interdisciplinary George Mason University team, we are developing 'Share CBT-I' ... an ongoing, course-based health communication campaign to create a 'digital bridge' between healthcare professionals and consumers to provide open access to knowledge about 'what works' for insomnia and where to find it.

Eric L. Olson

Outreach Coordinator, PressForward Project, Center for History and New Media
Director of the Science Communication Network Initiative, National Science Communication Institute
Science Communications Consultant

Focuses on open access, science literacy, and media literacy advocate. Communication specialist with extensive postgraduate training and experience with science outreach, science communication evaluation, proposal editing, web content development, and relationship building.


A free and open-source software project launched in 2011, PressForward enables teams of researchers to aggregate, filter, and disseminate relevant scholarship using the popular WordPress web publishing platform.

Just about anything available on the open web is fair game: traditional journal articles, conference papers, white papers, reports, scholarly blogs, and digital projects.

Scott Joy

Chair and Chief Design Officer, Air Networks
Network Admin, Open Networks

Scott Joy has been developing and applying leading-edge technologies for the past forty years. Scott was founder and Chair of the first tablet PC company to become a public corporation as well as the first P2P Internet company to integrate smart phones with email.

Air Networks is licensing its online knowledge sharing software system to Open Networks, a non-profit social enterprise, that is developing the open access focused Neuroscience Knowledge Network.

Open Networks

Open Networks is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to facilitate communications and innovative research through the development of public, open access knowledge networks. Open Networks is chartered in Pa. as the Association for Neuroscience Communications,

The Neuroscience Knowledge Network (NKN), Open Networks' first network, is comprised of interconnected Hub websites. To learn more about NKN, go to this post in the Neuroscience Hub, the central Hub for the neuroscience network.

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