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open-networks for in postOpen Networks is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to facilitate communications and innovative research through the development of public, open access knowledge networks. Open Networks is chartered in Pa. as the Association for Neuroscience Communications,

The Neuroscience Knowledge Network (NKN), Open Networks’ first network, is comprised of interconnected Hub websites. To learn more about NKN, go to this post in the Neuroscience Hub, the central Hub for the neuroscience network.


Open Networks will be collaborating with leading associations, foundations, government agencies, and experts to oversee the management of the NKN Hubs and related YouTube channels and Twitter accounts.. Each Hub is supported by one or more non-profit sponsor who can also promote their organizations and interests in the Hub Expos. Hub sponsors will be able to assume ownership/authorship of their Hub profiles and submit new posts to a Hub’s curators.

Open Networks, as administrator of all the NKN Hubs, will host all the websites and provide the software that NKN is using. Each topical Hub will be curated and managed by a Hub manager representing a university, association, foundation, and other non-profit organization that is knowledgeable and passionate about their topic. Open Networks will provide Hub managers with the support and guidance to make their Hub the go to Hub for their topic. Hub revenues from sponsors, the Expo exhibitors, and other sources will be shared between Open Networks and a Hub’s Manager(s). Below are links to the present NKN Hubs being supported by Open Networks.

Initial active Hubs, in red below, include this Neuroscience Hub, the Insomnia Hub, the Mental Disorders Hub, the Alzheimer’s Hub, the Brain Cancer Hub, the Neuroethics Hub, and the BHM Hub.

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