Health Communication 620

Health Communication 620 examines interpersonal communicative processes associated with health in consumer-provider, family, and health communication campaign contexts. Focus is on understanding cultural differences in perceptions of/communication about health and disease.

The course is taught by Distinguished Professor, Gary Kreps. Two hands-on, service-learning projects related to the Share CBT-I Health Communication Campaign are under way.

Gary Kreps

University Distinguished Professor, Department of Communication, George Mason University
Director, Center for Health and Risk Communication

Gary Kreps' areas of expertise include health communication and promotion, information dissemination, organizational communication, information technology, multicultural relations, risk/crisis management, health informatics, and applied research methods.

Dr. Kreps is an advisor to numerous health communications-related organizations.

Meredith Cary

I am a Clinical Health Psychologist in Dupont Circle, Washington DC and a behavioral sleep specialist associated with the Medstar Georgetown University's Sleep Disorders Center for two decades.

I am also the Lead Curator and founding member of the Insomnia Hub. Collaborating with an interdisciplinary George Mason University team, we are developing 'Share CBT-I' ... an ongoing, course-based health communication campaign to create a 'digital bridge' between healthcare professionals and consumers to provide open access to knowledge about 'what works' for insomnia and where to find it.

Bridget Bush

Bridget Bush is an academic in every sense of the word. I excelled in my undergraduate studies, and I have remained at George Mason University, where I am now pursuing my MA in Communication, which will then be followed by the pursuance of a PhD in Communication.

My dream is to remain at this University as a Professor of Communication, as well as continuing to contribute to the amazing Communication research being performed at George Mason University.

“All you need is sleep”

Insomnia is a serious sleep disorder which is frequently undiagnosed or untreated. Treatment options for those who seek help, however, are not clearly defined. The community of health care providers must communicate more effectively amongst each other to strike a balance between pharmacological interventions and the benefits of non-pharmacological treatments such as CBT-I.

Elina Guralnik

Elina is a second year Master in Public Health, Epidemiology, student. Her multifaceted experiences had brought her to a deep commitment and understanding of the importance of communication in health. Her goal is to continue raising awareness about various health issues through writing and advocacy.

Society for Health Communication

The Society for Health Communication is a member-driven organization bringing together health communication professionals, students, and scholars from all of our diverse areas of teaching, research and practice. By uniting our members, we're building a unified voice to shape and advance our field. We are an international organization, based in the USA, serving members from all countries.

Our steering committee is comprised of many of today's leading health communication practitioners, researchers, and thought leaders.

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