Joel L. Becker

Cognitive Behavior Associates (CBA) is a group practice founded by myself and associates in 2005 and is one of the largest cognitive-behavior therapy practices in Southern California.

Our mission is to provide the latest problem-focused therapy techniques in a professional clinical setting. We specialize in short-term, problem focused therapy from a cognitive-behavioral perspective. Our cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) treatments are individualized for a full range of psychological disorders (including insomnia).

It is our philosophy that a patient who is well-informed about their disorder will be more successful in therapy. We try to make use of a collaborative relationship between the client and the therapist, as well as consultation with all other health care providers. Being as clear as possible about what treatment will consist of allows us to provide the best quality services to each of our clients.

William F. Kerst

I am a Clinical Neuropsychologist and owner of Green Psychological Services, LLC located in Palmer, Alaska.

In the Air Force, I worked with soldiers afraid to sleep because of nightmares. That's why I helped design a (free) DoD-developed App called Dream EZ.

Now, in addition to neuropsychological assessment, our clinic also offers psychological assessment as well as individual and couples based psychotherapies on a case by case basis. The goal of psychological assessment is really the same as the goal of psychotherapy; to help you better understand yourself, your environment, and the complex interaction of you and your environment.

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