Raymond Carlos Cruz

Carlos Cruz is a creative public relations professional with a passion for applying strategic integrated marketing communication to reach target audiences. Has a solid track record of positive social media growth.

Possesses a desire to construct memorable advertising, marketing, and public relation campaigns. A cooperative and collaborative team leader with a strong motivation to succeed.

Jason Hayes

Jason Hayes is a undergraduate student at George Mason University majoring in communication.

Jason is concerned with:
-Ethical applications for public relations and strategic communication
-Critical Theory in regards to professional communication
-Applying concepts of intercultural communication to connect people, mediate, and understand the differences and similarities between groups to break down the constructed barriers between groups
-Social justice and action

Nelson Lanzas

Nelson Lanzas is a student at George Mason University majoring in Communication; concentration on Public Relations and minor in Psychology.

Bridget Bush

Bridget Bush is an academic in every sense of the word. I excelled in my undergraduate studies, and I have remained at George Mason University, where I am now pursuing my MA in Communication, which will then be followed by the pursuance of a PhD in Communication.

My dream is to remain at this University as a Professor of Communication, as well as continuing to contribute to the amazing Communication research being performed at George Mason University.

Elina Guralnik

Elina is a second year Master in Public Health, Epidemiology, student. Her multifaceted experiences had brought her to a deep commitment and understanding of the importance of communication in health. Her goal is to continue raising awareness about various health issues through writing and advocacy.

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