Test CBT-I Broadcast

Test post in preparation for CBT-I broadcasts.

Tens of millions in the U.S. struggle with insomnia and yet few doctors refer to CBT-I (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia), a therapy that has a 70 – 80% success rate for promoting sound sleep. Our online streaming chats will feature CBT-I specialists who will share all the ways to get affordable, accessible CBT-I – anywhere.

Were you taught to share?

We propose creating ONE (Open Networked Education) Social Practicum to teach us all how to share together - to measurably improve public health. 

Referring patients – module #1

Video #1: (roughly 4 - 5 minutes) Psychiatrist demonstrates how to refer to the Insomnia Hub, using motivational interviewing with a student role-playing a patient who simply wants sleeping pills for insomnia

Role playing patients – module #2

Video #2: (roughly 3 minutes) Psychiatrist demonstrates (with student role-playing a patient) to the patient how to navigate through the Hub to show the various resources (e.g., success stories, broadcast comparing 3 App's, how to find local CBT-Insomnia trained clinics and clinicians in the Directory, etc.)

Patient follow-up – module #3

Video #3: (roughly 2 minutes) Psychiatrist demonstrates follow-up with the 'patient' at next visit to determine status (e.g., look at patient's App data)

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