CBT-I: The easiest, fastest way

We hope you can attend ... How to get the best help - Cognitive Behavioral Therapy - Insomnia in the easiest and fastest way. If not, you can watch the broadcast here any time afterwards.

Schedule: Broadcast is on October _, 2016 _____ pm EST

Host: Meredith Cary, PsyD
Guest: Dr ____________

If you'd like us to cover another topic in the future, please offer your suggestion in the comments below.

The Sleep-related App’s List


Students in health related fields will select App's to review from this list of sleep-related App's to give health consumers an understanding of which ones have any evidence of actually working.

Health consumers are invited to suggest (in comments of this post) any sleep-related App they'd like to have reviewed.

SHUTi App Review

Reviewer summary here

Sleepio App Review

Reviewer summary here

CBT-I Coach App review

Reviewer summary here

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