National Sleep Foundation


The National Sleep Foundation is dedicated to improving health and well-being through sleep education and advocacy.

As the global voice for sleep health, National Sleep Foundation’s priority goals are to ensure that:

  • Sleep is used as a vital sign of health by medical professionals and the public;
  • The biological sleep/wake process is common knowledge;
  • Workplaces, schools, homes and transportation infrastructures are designed to be sleep-friendly;
  • Sleep science is rapidly incorporated into products and services


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CEO: David Cloud   Link to video

Vice Chair:  Joseph Ojile, MD, Vice Chairman, Clayton Sleep

Board and Committees

The National Sleep Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors. NSF committees, councils, task forces and consensus panels each have unique responsibilities areas that address specific NSF goals.

  • Education Committee
  • Government Affairs Committee
  • Public Awareness Committee
  • Population Health and Methodology Council
  • Sleep Disorders Council
  • Sleep Technology Council
  • Continuing Medical Education Task Force


Sleep health is an emerging field of research focused on how we sleep and the benefits it provides to our minds, bodies and lives. Join us as we uncover sleep’s mysteries and create a sleep health movement that empowers all of us to take back our sleep. Newsletter updates.


Sleep Health Journal


The National Sleep Foundation publishes Sleep Health, a peer-reviewed journal related to sleep in population health from the social science perspective. The Journal serves as the foremost publication for manuscripts that advance the sleep health of all members of society.


Beyond Tired

Website:  Beyond Tired

This website is a place to highlight true stories of insomnia sufferers from across the country to help inspire and support those dealing with insomnia. This is a place where stories of struggle and triumph are shared and where you can learn more about managing your insomnia. A place to begin to understand the science of sleep and how you can make the most out of speaking to your doctor.


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